Question Asus laptop is slow and heats up very fast + low fps in games

Aug 15, 2021
My specs:

I tried playing Warframe and Star wars battlefront 2 and for warframe it started out great with a constant 60 fps. Then after about 20 minutes of playing, the fps kept stuttering around 20 fps. For star wars battlefront 2 it is extremely laggy and stuttery. The minimum requirements for SWBF2 needs 2 GB of VRAM and my Nvidia mx250 meets that. All settings are low with 50% resolution scale( on swbf2) but I still can't hit 60 fps(i usually get around 10 fps and direct x12 is off). Also after 10 minutes of turning on my laptop, it heats up to around 80 Celsius

My laptop benchmark test:

the benchmark says my laptop is running horribly
Aug 15, 2021
Undervolt almost gives no change to performance. It only lowers the laptop volt so the laptop will produce less heat.

I'm sure you mention underclock, which is lower your laptop clock.