Question Laptop - Lenovo Legion y520 suddenly slow

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Jan 18, 2021
My laptop Lenovo Legion y520,
Specs : i5 7300HQ 2.50 GHz
Nvidia gtx 1060 6Gb
128Gb SSD

Suddenly, overnight slowed down, started freezing, takes twice as long to boot up, it used to be 5 seconds, now about 10
AC origin, which used to run perfectly at high settings now dropped to 17 fps at ultra low settings
all of this seemingly overnight
the day before I was able to run AC odyssey at high, as per usual without any frame drops or problems, the laptop did not overheat, it was a normal heat as I checked
this happened a couple weeks ago, I have since done a factory reset + a clean install of windows, the problem has just barely gotten better, even deleting text from any text box, discord, here, facebook, document word, lags as does sending and even typing really fast
I have tried uninstalling and installing older drivers for my gpu, the only thing I did not try was flashing the bios, as my laptop sometimes completely randomly goes into sleep mode, I do not want to cause damage in case it happens while the bios is getting flashed
the sleep mode thing, I have tried to fix it, the factory reset did not help, I have even followed some guides around here and other forums, all settings are to never sleep.
I will be grateful for any and all help.
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Apr 10, 2021
I have the exact same problem, but it's been like this for almost a year, just dont use it as much as i used to, but dont really have the motivation to replace it..
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