Gaming headset VS Headphones


Nov 28, 2017
So I’ve had new headphones on my PC shopping list for a while know, since I’ve mainly be using my speakers because my headset is meant for PS4 and has awful quality on PC (it’s the Tritton Pro+). I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on it but can’t find and answer that quite suits what I’m looking for.

To give you some detail I’m looking for something mainly for Gaming with at least a decently wide soundstage, very nice audio quality (will probably also use them for music and videos). I also would like the option for virtual surround sound since some of the games I play (e.g. rainbow six siege) pretty much require it. In terms of budget I’d say preferably around the $200 mark but $250 could do (feel free to suggest headphones above but close to that price point). I also ALREADY have a mic, so I don’t need one, I’m purely looking to have sound that matches what the game is supposed to sound like almost exactly and be able to know where that sound is coming from.

In terms of what I’ve been looking at so far, on the headset side the only one I’ve seriously considered has been the Game zero/one by sennheiser (although I’ve heard good things about the Siberia series) and from the headphone end I’d be very open to recommendations.
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