Gaming headsets that allow for constant playback?


Jun 6, 2015
Hey everyone, so recently I've been thinking about purchasing Razer Krakens ever since my Turtle Beach P11s broke recently. I don't really want to purchase another P11 but I don't know if other headsets contain this feature that really make Turtle Beaches extremely useful which is constant audio feedback from your mic.

The reason why this helps is because due to the suction cup ear cups it prevents me from knowing how loud I'm getting while talking, forcing me to sometimes yell and my roommate to complain.

I wan't to know if the Razer headsets also have this feature or is this something only P11s have?


The Steelseries I got my son have a mic mix-in option also. They don't make that model anymore so I don't know what models they have now would have that same function though. If a headset has a mixer or amp with them, chances are you can get mic monitor function on them.
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