Gaming Laptop help please? (reconsidering desktops, READ EDIT)



So, I'd love it if y'all can help me with choosing a good gaming laptop.

Now, I've done a bit of research on them. And I found the best one FOR ME to be the Alienware 14" gaming laptop (with the base model configured to just upgrade the Graphics Card to the 765M and Windows 8/Windows 7 (will think about that), no 1080p screen since when i just use the laptop, 1366x768 is good enough for high-end-ish gaming, anything else, i'll just connect it to my FHD Samsung TV).

You might be asking: Why Alienware?

I'm not in the US, or Canada, or Europe, i'm in Oman (check Wikipedia if you want). So most great laptops are either nowhere near me, OR they're without ANY KIND of international warranty, or sometimes both. Alienware, to a certain extent DOES (mainly because they're a part of DELL.)

This is dependent upon the chosen brand, but i'll most probably have to deal with shipping and/or customs and stuff, so i can't cross the $1250-1300 line for the laptop alone.

I won't list a whole page of reasons here, i'll just say this: I don't want a desktop, i want a laptop. For me as a 2nd year college student, portability is a great factor (I know, i know. Alienware is too heavy, but whatever. You win some, you lose some).

Now, if anyone here can give me a better alternative than this for the following requirements but within the given price range, i would be thankful. Any help is appreciated, since i don't want to give this thing any more time than it needs, and I've already spent a week or two on this.

Gaming on BF3/BF4 beta, Saints Row IV, and any other HIGH-END games on medium or higher settings.
Good processing power, so it can actually handle dual monitors IF NEEDED.
Would love it if it is LIGHTER than the suggested Alienware, with a good and sturdy build quality.
Should have a probable life-span of 2 or more years (not just laptop life, but in gaming. Sooner or later games will only handle on medium and lower settings, that's for sure, i just don't want it to happen "too soon").

EDIT: I'm reconsidering getting a custom built desktop now, so here are the specs that i've dug up from a few websites and edited them around a bit:

What do you think of it? It's about 1000$ and will offer more performance than the Alienware could.

EDIT 2: And here's another build i stumbled upon completely by accident that seems fantastic and cheaper: (obviously with a TINY bit lower graphics card, but it's still great for a slightly cheaper one)


So, in a weird but kinda nice turn of events, i ditched the desktop, and bought a Dell Inspiron 7537 in it's best setup (The price that i got it for here was about $1300) It's a great laptop so far, and hopefully will stay so for quite some time.

I ditched the desktop mainly because i found out that there was NO WAY that i could get any of my required parts without a ton of issues behind them, be it shipping, customs, warranties, insurance, etc.
Same reason for the laptop too.

Also, this was the best laptop that i could find both in Oman and the UAE. So WOOOHOOO!

I'll just give the important specs here:
Processor - 1.8 GHz i7-4500U (Turbo Boost upto 2.99GHz)
Graphics - 2 GB Nvidia GT 750M (along with the mandatory 2 GB HD 4400)
1080p IPS Display - with touchscreen enabled
Storage - 1 TB Seagate
RAM - 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (2x4GB)