Gaming Laptop Selling Price


Oct 26, 2013
Hello all! I've recently decided to build my own gaming desktop and right now I have a gaming laptop. I want to sell my laptop and use the money to buy the parts for the desktop. I'm having a little trouble figuring out what price to sell it for. I'm going to start out selling it on craigs list but if that fails i'll turn to ebay. I'll put the specs below and let me know what you all think.

its an ibuypower battalion
17.3" screen at 1920x1080
It has a windows 7 home premium key on the bottom (currently using 8.1)
intel i7-3820Q 2.70GHz
16 GB of ram
120 GB SSD
500 GB HDD
nvidia GTX 675m
I've had it for about a year and have treated it like new born child haha
Let me know if you need more specs to come up with a price. I'd like somewhere between $600-$700 but I don't want to be ripping myself off if I could get more out of it.