Gaming laptop under 300


Nov 18, 2016
Mostly interested in playing CS,TF2,Day Z, and other light games on medium or high settings. Only other request is that the laptop has a backlit keyboard. Budget is under $300.


I don't think you are going to find a laptop with a backlit keyboard for under $300. Most laptops sold for less than $500 do not have a backlit keyboard.

CS (CS:GO?) and TF2 are not very demanding games so it is possible to run them on a $300 laptop. DayZ... probably not especially since I read that people with powerful desktops have problems in cities.

The only laptop with a backlit keybaord for under $500 that I am aware of is the following $330 Acer laptop.


Nov 9, 2013

that has integrated graphics(which is all your gonna get under $500) and that cpu is terrible, this wouldn't be able to run the tf2



The only difference between the Core i5 and the Core i3 is Turbo Boost. While the Core i3 cannot reach the same max speed. CS and TF2 are not really CPU demanding games so it's not going to be a big issue. Beside, it would be very difficult to find a laptop with a Core i5 within a $300 budget.


Below is a link to TF2 running on a laptop with an Intel HD 5500 which is two generation older than the Intel HD 620. It seems to be running fine at 1366x768. The Intel HD 620 is generally equal to an nVidia 920m. That ultimately means TF2 will run better on an Intel HD 620 vs the older Intel HD 5500.

Also, according to the description, the video was recorded using FRAPS. That means the laptop is running the game and recording the game using software at the same time. That means when not recording gameplay, the actual performance will be even higher than what can be seen in the video.

One caveat with regards to the Acer laptop... it only comes with 1 stick of 4GB RAM. That means the RAM is running at half speed rather than full speed. Adding an additional stick of RAM should increase performance by about 10% - 15%, but that varies from game to game. That extra stick of RAM can be installed later.


Below is a video of CS:GO being played on a Dell Inspiron 15-5567 laptop with the Core i3-7200 and it's integrated Intel HD 620 at 1366x768. However, the laptop does have two sticks of 8GB RAM which means RAM is running at full speed instead of half speed. If it had only 1 stick of RAM, then the performance will probably be 10% - 15% lower.

Here's a video of the performance in Skyrim which is a lot more demanding compared to CS:GO and TF2.


Dec 7, 2016
HP 245 G5 Notebook can be a good option in this range as HP 245 G5 notebook is a power pack of 2 GHz (With an Auto-boost,2.4 GHz) of AMD quad-core A6 processor , 4 GB of RAM and Radeon R4 Graphics Card.
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