Gaming laptop under 45,000

Phani 12599

Jul 31, 2014
I found two models (HP & Lenovo) personally I like their service here. I just got confused which one I have to pick. Please help me to decide..

1) i3 or i5 (Recently 5th generation also came) which one I have to pick
i3 (4th gen - 1.9GHz (4030U) & 5th gen - 2.2GHz (5010U))
i5 (4th gen - 1.7-2.7GHz(4210U) & 5th gen - 2.2-2.9GHz (5200U))

2) Nvidia 820m or 830m ?

Note: Most i3(4th &5th) laptops came with 830m graphic card and i5 laptops came with 820 graphic cards

Which graphic card is better for casual/normal gaming (most games even low settings also no problem)

Please help me to decide whether processor is to concern or graphic card while purchasing a gaming laptop.

Games: FarCry3/4, BlackFlag,TombRaider,Thief,Battlefield 3 like that.