Gaming laptop, when starting games on battery, battery instantly loses all power


Mar 17, 2013
I have a MSI GT60 Dominator 424 that is a little over a year old. (Specs below) Recently I've had problems where I would go to start a game on battery (Space Engineers, and Unturned so far have both had the issue) and the laptop would instant shut down as soon as it loaded, and when I turned it back on it would be at 0%.
I downloaded BatteryInfo Viewer and it listed my battery's wear level at 12% saying the designed capacity was 86,000 and my laptop currently could only hold 11,000. It later updated to 70,000, and the wear level seems to jump around. I opened Space Engineers are alt-tabbed to view the Battery viewer. The charge was at 70.0% and would drop .1% every 10-20 seconds, then the charge went from 69.5-0 instantly and it shut down.
When I'm just web browsing or doing anything not in-game it lasts for hours. Any idea what could be causing this? I will test with Prime 95 and then 3D Mark to test if maybe using high voltage / drain is causing it or if its something with the games / dedicated GPU. It's not overheating because it gets much hotter when plugged in, and it doesn't have enough time to get hot before dying.

Processor: Intel i7 4810Mq 2.8ghz
Ram: 8gb
GPU: 870M
OS: Windows 8.1
Battery: 9 cell

Laptop info on Manufacture's website:

Start by changing some power management settings with NVIDIA control panel.
- Open NVIDIA Control panel then on the left pane click on Manage 3D settings.
- On the right pane look for Power management mode and select Prefer maximum performance.
- Save and exit NVIDIA control panel and see if the same problem will persist.
- If the same problem will happen it might be a case of a dying battery already.