Question Garmin +iPad


Jan 1, 2019
Hi guys, newish to technology, so a little basic help would be awesome, thank you

I work at home with a current iPad Pro. dont own a mobile phone, just an ipad. I'm on the understanding, after a bit of research, that Garmin is the best smart watch to pair with an ios ipad. (why Apple dont allow their own smart watches to pair with ipads is crazy).

So, i'm looking to know which is the best Garmin smart watch i can perchase that has GPS, visual mapping facilities when you go hiking and walking, the usual calorie burning, step count etc etc , all this that will seamlessy and perfectly link and pair to an iPad. so which watch is best? which linking app/software etc? something i can come home in the evening and link the watch to my ipad and download and visually see my walking map and stats i've done in the day time and i can keep and record on the ipad.

thank you