Gateway cpu upgrade


Jan 7, 2015
I have a Gateway NV75S23u ,I need to know what is the Max of processor i can upgrade to. It now has a AMD Quad CoreProcessor A6-3420m


This sounds like a laptop?

If so I doubt you can change the APU.

I suspect this has to do with gaming. If so my advice is look for games that are still fun but don't require a really powerful solution. Modern games like Torchlight 2 probably work fine. Possibly older games like Half Life 2 if you tweak the settings carefully would work well.

There really are a lot of fun games that aren't too demanding. I'm even playing the original "Devine Devinity" (best at 1360x768).

You can even download the Call of Duty 2 (older game) DEMO from Fileplanet to get a rough idea of how games of that age work:

There really is a HUGE difference in how demanding games are though. Use FRAPS and with VSYNC OFF aim for about 40FPS.

You can also try using RadeonPro to force on the "Half Dynamic VSYNC" per game to force 30FPS VSYNC. It auto disables VSYNC if you fall below that but otherwise caps at 30FPS using VSYNC to avoid screen tearing. Basically how 30FPS console games work (they use dynamic/adaptive vsync).

Morten Jespersen

Mar 11, 2013

basicly any game from valve + CS:GO can basicly be runned on a potato. he won't have any problem there. the A8 can run bf4 on decent quality settings but i don't know about the A6.

Morten Jespersen

Mar 11, 2013
if it's a laptop then i'm sorry to bring the news but you can't upgrade it. only a very few specialized and very expensive laptops can be upgraded. by your specs i can see that yours isn't one of these specialised ones.

you will be able to run most modern games but maybe not the very demanding AAA titles like BF4 and especially not crysis without problems. Torchlihgt, DOTA 2, League of Legends, BF3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, any game by valve (half-life 2, Counter-strike source, Team Fortress 2) and CS:GO will work perfectly fine, but bf3 might need to be toned down a bit in the graphics to get a good framerate.

one thing that photonboy said that really made me quirk is that you can use fraps... stupid idea. it will just sap your performance and any Frame you can get is a +, more FPS is better. the ONLY 2 scenarios that causes screen-tearing and similar problems is with either a too high Framerate (200FPS or more can cause problems in some games) and with SLI configurations.

Vsync helps in some games but it can be very helpfull to turn it off for extra frames. i personally never use it.

if you want to check you framerates then most games has commands to bring either a command prompt down with systemstats which usually includes a basic FPS counter or use AMDs own fps counter built into their driver suite. a site that might lead tell you a bit if it will work is

every call of duty from modern warfare 2 runs on the same engine with tweaks so if you cna run one of them, then you can run them all. which really isn't hard to do in the first place.
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