Gateway mystery pci device after Win2K install



Hey All
Having trouble finding a driver for the mystery PCI device/ parallel device after a windows 2k install on a gatway performance 1000.

Symptoms: Sound comes out of the speakers when playing sound from the system or disk. No sound comes out of system when playing CD. Mystery PCI device shows up on device manager.

Equipment: Gateway performance 1000. Gayeway Fedora motherboard -- intel 815E chipset, P3-1ghz processor. Integrated video, integrated Creative Labs 128D sound card. 256mb PC133 ram.

Installed Gateway drivers for sound card and video card. What am I missing? Is there a PCI adapter or bridge in there somewhere?.... Or can someone with one of these machines go into their Device Manager and tell me what PCI hardware and adapters you have listed.

This is not my machine, but is Girlfriend's sister's machine. Mine is home built with none of the Gateway flakiness or driver issues.




Dec 31, 2007
You can reach the specifications for the system by plugging in the serial number at the <A HREF="" target="_new">Gateway site</A>. It would have been helpful if you had listed the number, dude. (I know it's not your machine, and it might not have been possible.) Standard procedure with OEM proprietary systems. It can be difficult to get into an archived database listing older systems without that number. Dell and Gateway websites are particularly bad about this kind of thing.

Things to check:

Is the integrated audio listed in the Device Manager and shown as functional, as well as the unknown PCI device?

Does the unknown device show up as having a conflict with another device? If you remove it from the Device Manager and reboot, does Windows attempt to reinstall the device?

Is the CD-ROM audio cable attached to the sound connectors on the mainboard?

Is the CD-ROM correctly identified in the Device Manager? Has a drive letter? Does it show as being PIO or DMA under the IDE controller channel? Are other kinds of CD's visible in the CD-ROM, such as data CD's?

Have you installed <i>all</i> the drivers for the hardware, such as for the <A HREF="" target="_new">chipset</A>?

If you run DXDIAG at the Start/Run line, and test Direct Sound, can you hear sounds coming out of the speakers? Is the CD Audio Balance muted in the Volume Controls?

Is the sound card correctly identified in the Sounds and Multimedia Control Panel applet? What is the performance level under Advanced Audio Properties?

How do you know that the mystery device is for the parallel port? How is the device listed in the Device Manager? Is there a printer connected to the system?

Are there any errors messages listed in the Event Viewer?

Have you tried checking or installing an <A HREF="" target="_new">ASPI</A> layer, such as Force ASPI?


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