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  1. M

    Solved! SNES retro to TV

    Hello, OK, I apologize in advance if this question sounds silly but this is not my area of expertise, so please, bear with me. I recently purchased a SNES Classic. I opened the box, plugged the SNES HDMI cable to my TV, power it and turned it on. Then I totally forgot that my TV speakers blew...
  2. M

    Solved! pci slot gaming

    asus vivobook x507uf-ej092t does my laptop have pci slot for adding external gpu ... sorry I am not that tech savy but I am a gamer let me know it has mx 130 dedicated graphic card let me know
  3. M

    Solved! looking for a HP 1000 Laptop PCI Device

    please find this PCI program \ VEN_10EC & DEV_5229 & SUBSYS_21E9103C & REV_01 Edit [translated from Indonesian by moderator]
  4. B

    Pci audio card

    Which pci audio card will supported by this board
  5. R

    laptop diagnostic test card

    Hi All, Where can I purchase a laptop diagnostic test card, that Slots into the Mini Wireless Card PCI connection.? Thanking You. Rob
  6. D

    Adding an External GPU but which GPU and how?

    Got an Laptop with a PCIe x4 3.0 Which GPU's does that support?
  7. T

    Laptop doesn't have PCI slot

    My laptop doesn't have PCI slot.is there any possibility to add external graphics card
  8. D

    5.1 channel PC sound card with digital coax?

    I'm looking for a sound card (PCI low profile or USB) that outputs via a digital coax connector so I can watch movies in 5.1 surround with my receiver? My motherboard only has 3.5mm aux connector that is only stereo. Don't want something that is over $50 preferably.
  9. C

    Does my laptop have pci slot?

    Hello can I upgrade my Asus X541NA GQ041t's graphics card using external graphics card does it have pci express or do i need to take it apart and remove the wifi lan if i need to take it apart where can i find the mini pcie slot thanks :)
  10. A

    Hi everybody! I want to find a doc not saved but printed in November 2016, more than 1 year. It's that possible? Thank you!

    I want to find a doc in Word not saved but printed in November 2016, more than 1 year. It's that possible? Thank you!
  11. Umair Shariff

    Lg Gram 2018 question

    Hi, I've been looking for an ultrabook for university for quite some time now and I've been hooked on razer blade stealth until I heard about the LG Gram. One of its features that really caught my eye is the supposed twin PCI SSD bay. Can someone confirm three points for me since no matter how...
  12. J

    mark tick in device manager after win 10 install???

    I get a marking in display adepter/gtx450: Device manager/ event message= Device PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13C2&SUBSYS_31711462&REV_A1\4&35d4f288&0&0008 requires further installation.After win 10 install
  13. L

    Does my laptop has a pci slot?

    Hello! i have a elitebook 850 g3, does it have a pci / pcie slot since im going to upgrade my laptop with a external gpu dock, which makes it able to have a really good Graphics card, but i need a pci / pcie slot and i can't find if my laptop has that, i Think you need to remove the wifi card if...
  14. Robert Ban

    Cheap solution for recording games via composite video

    Well as my title says i would like to record "Classic" games from my PS2, but the problem is the recording boxes/tv tuners and etc. are pretty expensive, but if someone could suggest me older models from 2012/ and back that supports 480p NTSC/PAL, probably that can be connected either PCI or...
  15. C

    Add external GPU to HP-G7/2247us. I cannot locate PCIe slot.

    Need to know if a PCIe is within the HP-g7 2247us notebook. I can modify the CPU, HDD, RAM, because I'm looking to game with this laptop. It has USB 3.0, could I add an external GPU via these ports, or no? Because I can't seem to locate PCIe.
  16. C

    pci drivers for c55-b5270

    reloaded win 8.1 on the c55-b5270 toshiba and no pci drivers so no network downloaded chipset drivers from toshiba loads but pci still dead
  17. T

    Looking for PCI capture card...

    Hi there, I'm looking for a capture card with at least 2 HDMI inputs. It will be used for live stream 1080p video from video cameras. Yes, it will be used for commercial use in a church. If a PCI card is not available, external hardware will do just fine. The OS is windows 7 32 bit with 4GB of...
  18. P

    pci driver maybe

    Hey guys I have a problem with my inet. It says a cable is not plugged in or may be broken but my wifi is working. I believe its my pci serial port drivers i dont know. Please help
  19. A

    GTX 10xx Laptop Connection and Barebones Laptop

    Two questions/Topics: The new GTX 10-series for laptops is the desktop versions shoved inside a laptop, so I was wondering if that meant all these laptops have pci x16 slots inside of them, as I heard they are not compatible with XMX (?) laptop graphic slots. If so, how large are these slots...
  20. W

    HP Pavilion G6 PCI?

    I have an HP Pavilion G6 and I don't know what PCI I have. I want to buy an external GPU dock but idk whether to buy PCIE 2.0 or PCIE Mini or what... where do I check?
  21. R

    Home Theatre PC - Sound Card

    I am planning to build an Home Theatre PC for playing the Bluray Movies stored on my computer with the DTS and Dolby Audio. Since my motherboard doesn't have the SPDIF output I am planing to buy a dedicated sound card with Optical/SPDIF out port to passthrough all my Dolby and DTS audio to the...
  22. Leo holberg

    External Gtx 1070 with macbook Pro

    Can i run a External PCI 3.0 GPU off a thunderbolt 2.0 on a macbook pro 2015? do you need bootcamp or can you have a gtx 1070 with vanilla mac osx? any good pci to thunderbolt adapters? Thx
  23. T

    External laptop GPU

    Okay so i want to try an external GPU on my laptop the model is GL551JW-WH71(WX). Does anybody know if it is possible with this model? The only PCI express slot i can think of is the wifi card and i dont have an express card slot. can i convert one via usb? If i take out the wifi card and use...
  24. mozzio

    4 unknown drivers on Fujitsu Lifebook A-Series (a532)?

    Hi all, Im missing drivers for Ethernet controller, Network Controller, SM Bus Controller and USB Controller. See below, the info: - @system32\drivers\pci.sys,#512;Ethernet Controller (UNKNOWN DEVICE) Chip: Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter -...
  25. R

    (Code 28) When trying to install. What does this mean? PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&SUBSYS_04AD1028&REV_04 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3

    Need to install PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&SUBSYS_04AD1028&REV_04 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3 Frivers, but get the (Code 28)
  26. C

    Can someone explain what different PCI slots do?

    Hi there, I am a laptop user and have relatively good tech knowledge but I am running into some confusion over inputs/outputs. I am looking into using an external GPU setup for my laptop and am aware of the predicaments and have heard the classic 'just get a new___' , I can't, I'm a student so...
  27. N

    Via Chip 1394 PCI card and my MSI mobo. Good friends?

    So I'm reasonably confident that this card would work but as I'm a bit nervous I want to confirm. Now that my new pc is built I have about 40 mini DV cassettes that I need to upload to my hard drive. Yeah, I could send these out to a conversion studio but while I'm certain of what the content...
  28. N

    PCI device (Code 28)

    Hello i dont know why but i have this PCI device unknown driver in my device manager. it is weird because when i found the correct driver from gigabyte and installed it, it was totally fine but then when i restarted my laptop, it showed up again. i cant update the driver either. anyone know how...
  29. D

    DIY eGPU Newb. Need help for this. Thanks.

    hello, I'm new here, i want to ask a few questions about diy eGPUs. 1. can i use a SATA-expresscard adapter to connect the eGPU?(I don't have an expresscard slot, thunderbolt, and i have only one mpcie slot thats being used by wifi card) 2. If it is impossible, can i replace the Wi-Fi card...
  30. M

    Need help with sound card or DAC

    If i go over a certain volume (like over 75%) i start getting an annoying crackling noise. Here are the speakers I have right now...
  31. L

    Can i upgrade my gpu if it is inserted in a PCI bus? (Laptop)

    My laptop came with 2 GPU's and I want to upgrade at least one of them but im not sure if i can. I dont know if theyre integrated as most GPU's are with laptops but i found that my nvidia gefroce gt 740m GPU is located in PCI Bus 7? My intel hd graphics 4000 is located in something called device...
  32. M

    Adding GPU to a laptop, help.

    I want to add a GPU to my laptop with a express card to PCI adaptor. I also don't don't have a express card slot so I'm using USB to express card adaptor. Will it work? Please help. my laptop is a Toshiba satellite c55d b5310
  33. J

    toshiba satellite C850D , PSCC2E usb driver search

    Good evening. It is about a Toshiba Satellite C850D , PSCC2. Looking for a USB Windows 7 x86 driver, which in description displays: PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7812&SUBSYS_78121179&REV_03 PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7812&SUBSYS_78121179 PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7812&CC_0C0330 PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7812&CC_0C03 Can you please...
  34. YuriDias

    Help with USB SoundCard please. :D

    Hello guys. Recently i've bought a sennheiser hd 598 and they told me that it could sound even more amazing with a good soundcard. Well, i've searching a soundcard for about 2 months and it's hard to decide. At this moment i'm using a desktop, and i'm definitely an audiophile. I like good sound...
  35. E

    Camera will not connect to my Firewire Card

    I have a new PC with a MCI Z97 Guard-Pro SKT--Socket 1150 Motherboard. I asked for a Firewire Card, BEST PCI-E 1394 to be fitted. Having tried all suggestions from "Sony" to make the connection I am wondering if the Multiple entries "Times 9" of "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" has anything to...
  36. S

    pci disconnection error

    Hello, I own an Asus r503u laptop. The problem is, wifi and ethernet cards are shown as disconnected from computer in the device manager when observed in the device properties. I haven't moved my laptop from the place where i keep it and it does shows a disconnection in PCI slot 4 and 5 (pci bus...
  37. W

    Drivers for toshiba c55-b5200 pci simple communication controller

    I currently formatted my Toshiba C55-B5200 laptop and installed fresh windows but the PCI simple communication controller not installing after trying our some drivers. Device PCI \\VEN_8086&DEV_9C3A&SUBSYS_F91B1179&REV_04\3&11583659&0&B0 . I wish someone could help me to get drivers to this...
  38. Barty1884

    Upgrading a Desktop (Alienware Aurora)

    Hi all, Spotted an Alienware Aurora (unsure which model, maybe somebody could clarify?) online locally for $250CAD. Needs RAM & an OS, but I still think it's a great deal for my needs. Anyway, I've only ever had one desktop (was custom built by a friend, but I didn't know too much at the time...
  39. A

    my laptop dedicated gpu location is pci slot 4

    i wanna know why pci coz as i know no laptops use pci slots for gpu
  40. N

    Alienware 14 Laptop External GPU

    Tl;dr kinda guy? Here's it short: I have an Alienware 14 laptop that has a mini Displayport, mSata/mPCI-e port, and another mPCI-e port for the WiFi card. I do not want to build a desktop, I want to have an external GPU that can be attached to my laptop. Is this possible? Thanks...
  41. N

    Toshiba Satellite C55B Drivers Will Not Update

    Drivers fail to update on Toshiba Satellite C55B for PCI Device, PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible) on Toshiba Satellite C55B, OS 8.1. Error msg says "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver for your software. Windows found driver for your...
  42. B

    How can I connect an old Gateway 500se (circa 2002) to my HDTV. The PC has only VGA port and empty PCI slots. The TV has only

    I'm looking for a PCI (not PCIe) to HDMI card.
  43. J

    Just installed PCI Ethernet card, now sound won't work

    Hiya, I just installed a new ethernet card in my self-built PC - and now the sound won't work. Before installation, when I plugged my headphones into the front jack of my PC, they would work and I could hear. Now, all I hear is static. I've tried the same through the audio jacks on the back of...
  44. B

    my asus k53e cant find drivers running win 7 can't connect to internet says i need PCI driver

    I can't restore , or do anything with my Asus. It says it cant find drivers. Tried discs and everything. What do I do?
  45. A

    Msi ge70 2oe external gpu

    Hi,Im wondering if i can use an external gpu with My msi laptop?
  46. A

    PCI E slots help

    Hi, i own a msi ge70 2oe. Dose Anyone know how many PCI E slots it has? Im looking to use an external gpu
  47. P

    Pci graphics card

    Hey guys ibam looking for a pci graphics card No i dont mean pcie 2.0 16x or w.e just pci i Cant find any because when i look it up Pcie is all find can some one please lmk Of a good pci graphics card
  48. L

    laptop vs laptop

    want to buy a laptop but i am confused between these three 1. HP 15-g002AX Notebook APU Quad Core A8 2 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.4 GHz ram- 4 GB DDR3 1 TB hhd windows-8 Dedicated Graphics -Memory Capacity 2 GB Graphic Processor -AMD Radeon HD 8570M 2.Lenovo Ideapad Z585 APU Quad...
  49. T

    Can't find driver for Coprocessor on HP Pavilion dv6810us Notebook.

    The model is dv6810us. It is an HP Pavilion DV6000 but model # is dv6810us. The model number is from the tag & an hp scan also stated this as the model I have. These are the Coprocessor hardware lds PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0543&SUBSYS_30CF103C&REV_A2 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0543&SUBSYS_30CF103C...
  50. A

    upgrading toshiba c855d-s5340 laptop FROM USB2 to USB 3

    does upgrading toshiba c855d-s5340 laptop have PCI/PCIe expressCard slot to upgrade FROM USB2 to USB 3?
  51. V

    Sony Vaio Y Series VPCYB25AG PCI Card Slot??

    Hello, Does the Sony Vaio Y Series VPCYB25AG have a PCI card slot? If there isnt any, is there any way how I could make my system support USB 3.0? Thanks in advance.
  52. PC-Noobist

    Internal PCI Sound card or USB Sound card?

    what it says above, I've been looking around and apparently internal sound cards aren't actually good due to that fact that they hog power and so forth for no benefit. I was wondering what you guys thought, if there are some good USB sound cards that are better than a PCI one, i hear that it...
  53. T

    Sound card hard limit?

    I have a C-Media PCI audio card. The software comes with an equalizer. Lately, I have had to lower the levels for frequency 30-120 down more than I normally would have. It used to be fine, Normally, I have them set to 30, 18DB; 60, 16DB; 120, 15DB; 250, 6D; 500, 0; 1K, 1DB; 2K, 3DB; 4K, 10DB...
  54. C

    audio not working after pci wireless card installation

    For some strange reason my audio doesnt work anymore already reinstalled drivers/windows, removed the pci wireless card and still no sound, just a noise im getting "plugged" "Unplugged" message depending on the settings that I'm using did I short-circuited my motheboard with the pci wireless...
  55. C

    Any universal pci slots on the Lenovo Y510P

    I purchased this laptop about three weeks ago with the 2x gt755m and am fairly impressed most of its performance. However I always want to get the most out of what I have so did some researching about connecting desktop graphics cards to some laptops using different series of adapters and...
  56. X

    SONY VAIO SVE151A11W Specific or compatible Graphic Driver

    I have SONY VAIO SVE151A11W. The OS was Windows 8 and I decided two months ago to downgrade and now it is Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1. The problem is that, I cannot find the exact Graphic Card driver. I installed AMD Radeon HD 7650M driver but remain the Device Manager show...
  57. F

    GPU upgrade (gt630m a2)

    can i upgrade a gt 630m A2 pci 2.0x8
  58. J

    Cambridge dt 2200 speakers

    can I use any of the 5 x 1 suround sound Cambridge speakers without the sub wuffer control or PCI card installed. if so how do I do it. It seem a shame to bin good working product just because some years later M/S diside to up grade there O/S and the manufactures drop support.
  59. M

    Why don't laptops have an external PCI-port?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time: Why don't laptops simply include an external PCI-slot, so we could buy a decent graphics card and slot into the back of the machine while gaming, then remove it when we need to go somewhere with the laptop? I know desktop GPUs use a lot more power...
  60. M

    Free down load pci bus 9 device 4 function 2