Geforce experience and Nvidia drivers can't detect my GPU


Mar 10, 2016
Hi! I've recently formatted my computer and now I can't manage to install my graphic card drivers again.
I used the windows 10 format function and then it decided to use the graphic card I assume is on the motherboard.

I have two Geforce 765M 2GB cards on my Alienware Mx18 laptop.

A friend told me to use this guide:
and then reinstall the drivers but I followed every point on it and still no use, I also saw in my prosseses that even though I removed all this, the NVIDIA driver helper service is still up again after restarting my computer. (I had to close this to delete the files, but you all probably knew that)

This really isn't something I'm great at so I really hope someone could help.

I also can't find my graphic cards under device manager anymore either. And I BIOS they are both listed as Not Detected.