Getting a laptop. In a dilemma


Oct 28, 2016
So i have narrowed it down to 3

Lenovo Ideapad 510 80SV0059US
Dell Inspiron 5559
HP Pavilion 15-AU116TX

I am leaning towards the Lenovo. But it has come to my attention that the display on it is not very good. And I can't find any display reviews for the Dell and HP.
So can anyone help me out here deciding among these three? Or If there are some other good FHD laptops in the same price range, then I am willing to look into them as well.
They probably do not have very good screen either. They are mainstream / budget oriented laptops. Good quality screens are more expensive than lower quality screens which means the price of the laptop goes up.

Usually when people say a screen is bad, they mean it does not have good color accuracy for photo editing where color accuracy can be extremely important. If you do not do photo editing or anything that requires color accuracy, then it is not a big deal. If color accuracy is important for something that you do, then you need to increase your budget to something equivalent to $900 USD or more.