Solved! glasses/goggles for viewing Netflix or Amazon prime

Sep 2, 2021
Hey fellow enthusiasts!
Im looking for a headset which will allow me to view movies and shows from Netflix or Amazon prime.
I have a long history of chronic neck and back pain from injuries 30 ears ago. More often than not these days, I find myself in bed trying to watch shows on my iPad. Unfortunately, the angle of my neck and back, during said viewing, causes me a lot of problems.
I was hoping to find a headset which would allow me to view shows in a more horizontal, relaxed position. Any suggestions on what I should purchase?

Are you talking about a thing like VR goggles or video display built into glasses? No those won't work with a tablet since they don't have video outputs.

Really all depends on how you have the iPad sitting when you watch it. Get an arm mount for the side of the bed, a stand with a mount, or a table that can slide towards you.