Solved! No sound on NETFLIX or AMAZON

Jun 11, 2019
Hi, I am trying to find a solution to this problem.
I have a Yamaha receiver RX-V479 with 4 speakers (small sides L+R, center channel and subwoofer) connected to a 65 LG smart TV (2018, from Costco). also a Blue-Ray and PS4 connected with HDMI to the yamaha.

All components work good and connections are good but for some reason I can't get audio via ARC from the TV when using the AMAZON prime or NETFLIX apps (the rest of the apps, like Sling TV, You Tube or Live TV (antenna) are fine) I was able to hear audio through ARC only with the show MYTHBUSTERS on AMAZON prime in stereo (R L on the screen of the receiver). Looks to me that there is issues with any other configuration but I have seen the receiver show (R C L) and have the three speakers work on the sling app.

Receiver turns on automatically but there is no audio. I thought that this random issue could be related to and old HDMI cable, but today I upgraded to a FULL HDMI 2.0 compliant (SecurOmax) and nothing. I also upgraded all firmware and apps on TV, receiver and blu-ray. I tried different settings on the received, trial and error, but there is no sound. the new HDMI cable is going from the ARC labeled HDMI on the TV to the HDMI OUT (HDCP2.0 ARC) on the receiver. Then the blue ray goes (HDMI) to the HDMI 1 (BD/DVD) input on the receiver. Settings on the receiver HDMI settings are as follow and I believe correct:
ARC "on"

Finally the TV audio is set to "HDMI ARC"
When I turn the TV on, the receiver powers on and the Blu-ray as well AND the tv proceeds to show the Blue ray on the screen! (which is not affected by the audio issue).
Why does the Blu-ray turns on by itself and along the receiver when turning the TV (which I don't want off course, I want only to wake the receiver!)? I see the LG shows BD with a line to RECEIVER when selecting HDMI 2 on the screen so the LG "sees" the blu-ray.
Why does the Blu-ray menu or movie shows up on the TV when turning the TV on and without selecting it! (and on the receiver as well)?
Why does the Blu-ray have sound and not the apps from the TV (netflix or amazon or anything)!
any ideas?
Thanks a lot!
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