Going About Laptop Cleaning


Aug 2, 2016
I am using an ASUS ROG GL552VW and I've noticed I'm about two years past when I should've cleaned it. (Yea it's pretty bad.) So my question is how should I go about cleaning it? Should I dig into it myself, or try and find a professional.
I know this laptop cost you lots of money, but "out there" laptops are toasters.

Even if your so called pros will do it I don't think they would do a good job. They gonna wipe it and run the vacuum on it and that's it.

Me, I disassemble the keyboard, get in there with a box of q-tips, am looking at a 2 hours job minimum, but that's me.

If cleaning the innards, vacuum, replace paste/fan what pros do will suffice if you don't feel like getting inside.


Apr 2, 2016
Do not use a Vacuum, get a can of air designed for cleaning pc's and blow the dust out, and make sure the fan doesnt spin you can strip it and ruin it.

Trust me, best way to do it is to blow it out and dont use anything like paper towels that can tear they could ignite if the pc heats up enough, and dont use anything fabric you can generate static and nuke the pc.
The best way is to use an air canister designed for cleaning laptops. I don't really know how to use it since I have never used one but you can look that up. The other option is to send it back to the manufacturer if it is still in warranty. If not, you can see if you can send it to asus and they can clean it I think for a price.
Sep 2, 2018

How did you do that, just blew into it from the outside, or disasambility is all the way in to the fan? I've seen youtube videos and that seems a bit hard