Good cheap Headphones


Aug 24, 2015
So my DT 990 Pro just broke, and I do not have the money at this moment to buy another pair. However, I can't stand using speakers for day-to-day tasks, so I need some headphones ASAP.
I have an amplifier (Fiio e10k), which I most likely be using on the headphones, just because its much easier to control the volume.
My budget is around £50. I really want them to be comfortable and not too small, as I use my computer for hours a day.


Oct 30, 2016
I always recommend Skullcandy headphones.

May not be everyone's cup of tea but I really love the sound quality and they come in many different designs and styles
The "Hesh" model is my favourite (I have a pair of lowriders and crushers too)
I use them for literally hours playing my ps4, very comfortable ear cushioning and I got mine for around £25 a couple of years ago.
Also have a spare pair, almost identical, that cost me just 50p at a jumble sale. Lol ^_^

I assume they only need to tide you over until the posher ones can ultimatly be replaced? ;)

Those superlux do look like quite a good deal too.