Good laptop for 3Ds Max and Unity 3D


Jun 13, 2013
i just finished a year in college doing games development and i need a laptop that can handle 3d max and unity to use in college after the summer. so far i have done advanced enough modelling (i think) and fair bit of animation in 3ds max.

to be honest im not sure waht il be doing in 3d max next year.

this is one of the laptops i was looking at, but cpu only has to cores and i assume that a program like 3ds max would take advantage of more that 2 cores.


Nov 7, 2008
that one is basically just slightly up from an Ultrabook, and has the lowest-end mobile GeForce 7 The 2 core CPU will impact things like texture baking, which is basically a rendering process, and the GPU in it will hurt your Unity performance. With its clock speed and 96 CUDA cores, it will perform similar to a GTS 430 Desktop card and is based on the older Fermi core.

If its all you can afford, sure it will get you by.


Jun 29, 2014
You have 2 options here.
A desktop or a laptop.
What will you get from a desktop you cant get from a laptop?
+less heat problems
+better performance
+desktop computers are cheaper
+easier to fix if a part is broken
-harder to carry around
-you may need to buy an external battery so you don't lose progress if electricity goes off
What will you get from a laptop you cant get from desktop?
+easier to carry
+built in battery
-compressed parts may heat faster
-less performance
-repair takes more time and costs more

What do i recommend you?
I recommend you to buy an intel core i7 2.2 ghz at least.(i don't trust amd's prices :p)
And nvidia gt750m or better graphics card.(gb of graphics card isnt important. The second number is important. 9 is best and 1 is worst)(2 gb of graphics card would be ok.)
A computer with 1x8gb ram will coat more than 2x4gb. It depends on your budget. (I recommend at least 8 gb ddr3 ram)
You dont need a cd/dvd reader. Most programs can be bought on internet on these days. A cd/dvd driver you wont use will cost you extra 150$
At least 750gb HDD if you dont have any external HDD's.

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