Solved! Good morning! Could you pllease help me figure the most effective AV hookup method? For clarity sake, the following is a li


Jul 3, 2017
Question from ballegranzi : "Best Setup Using HDMI Switch Box/Hub"

Good morning!

Could you please help me figure the most effective AV hookup method? For clarity sake, the following is a list of my HDMI Switch and Components for ZONE1 (FamilyRoom).

---Kinivo 501BN HDMI Switch/HUB
(5 IN/1 OUT)
---Samsung TV #UN60H6203AF
(2 HDMI-no ARC & Fiber Optic Digital)
---Visio Sound Bar #S5430W-C2 3.0
(2 HDMI & Fiber Optic Digital)
---ROKU SN#5S4674103276
(requires 1TV HDMI port?)
---Sony CD/DVD #DVP NS975V
(1 HDMI)
---Cisco/Comcast cable box SN#SABTVWDVD
(no HDMI too expensive)
---DELL Inspiron15 SN#23PP832
(1 HDMI)
---Samsung smart phone SG-5
---Kindle Tablet HD FIRE 10.1
---Cisco/Xfinity Modem #DPC3939

I have just about every cable I might need including (7)HDMI and (1)FiberOptic Digital cable ... I'm mainly curious about the following issues:

1) Does the incorporation of a HDMI switch/HUB, in effect, create an ARC situation?
2) Will a Non-HD Standard cable box poorly affect the overall AV quality?
3) What would be the most effective way to setup a convenient access point for infrequent connection to phone, computer & tablet?

These are my HDMI connection thoughts thus far:

1) TV1 to HUB OUT
2) ROKU (HDMI Stick) to TV2
3) HUB1 IN to SoundBar1
4) SoubdBar2 to DVD IN
6) How would I create a neat & convenient "point of access" for of Phone, Computer connections??
7) I also have (3) additional Zones...(2) Bedrooms & (1) Covered Lanai with 2004 Flatscreen TV's and Sound Bars. What would be the most effective/HQ method to set each up? Would incorporating a Receiver in ZONE1 be the ideal way to go?

Thank you so much for any and all efforts.
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