Good value for laptop?


Jun 2, 2012
Hi everyone. Was looking at a laptop from a co-worker to replace an old vaio of mine that was busted in an exuberant playoff celebration. It seems to be a pretty good deal but I am having a few reservations.

I will like the laptop and then list some specs for some that don't want to pull up the site.

He is selling for 400. Comes with a bag but I probably wouldn't use it over my Timbuk2

CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel Intel Core i7-2670QM
RAM 6GB exp to 8
HD: 750 5400 RPM

Mainly be using it for college: papers, some school programs, nothing too heavy, light to moderate gaming. Wow, Planetside 2, ME, Bastion, etc.

My main reservation lies with the gfx card. From most the benchmarks I see, it seems to under perform or tie the integrated card on the CPU. Not wanting to bottleneck it for future purchases like Cyberpunk or TES Online this year.

Appreciate the help :hello:

The GT 610m is a very weak graphics card. While more powerful than the Intel HD 3000 on all mobile Sandy Bridge CPUs, it is generally a little less powerful than the Intel HD 4000 in all mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs.

It's a good deal if gaming is not a concern, but if you want to play games then it's best to simply pass on that laptop.