News Google Chrome just got 5 big upgrades — what you need to know


Feb 10, 2020
I love Chrome. Been using it since the beginning. but I'm a little shy about Chrome updates. Two weeks ago, I updated Chrome on my desktop and my keyboard was all screwy. I would type 'w' and get "we," while 'k' gave me 'kl,' '3' gave me '/3,' and more. I was so upset. It didn't happen on the laptop. Didn't understand. Both run Windows 10 same version, and the same version of Chrome. I wasted two weeks trying to figure it out. I had tried everything but nothing worked. Three days ago I turned on the desktop and tested the keyboard. Everything was back to normal!!!! Now why did it happen in the first place? How did it get fixed? I'll never know but I'm really afraid download Chrome upgrades again.