Google Glass Owner Attacked in San Fran Bar

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Apr 16, 2014
Contrary to what "journalist" Kyle Russell believes, the incidents against google glasses wearers are not necessary linked to the protest against "tech" companies in San Francisco.

Imagine you are quietly walking a street or having a drink with friends in a bar and some idiot comes in front of you wearing google glasses and starts to film you and post the video on the internet. What would you think and how would you react ?

Contrary to what most people believe, taking pictures of you, filming you against your will and publishing it is a violation of your privacy of your rights as an individual, and consequently of your freedom.

We have the right to be wherever we want without being spied or registered on some digital device.

What has been google's agenda since many years ? How many trials did they lose for :copyright violation, privacy violation, individual rights violation ? Many and what was the comments ultimately from the executives on this company after losing all their trials: "We will do it again".

Here is a firm like many others whose main goal is to destroy individual rights, individual privacy and the protection that goes with it just to make more profits and control minds.
Google is a well known tax evader like many other firms in the same line of business. They are insanely rich but yet it's not enough, they need always more. These people are destroying the San Francisco community like they try to destroy individual rights and freedom.

People should wake up, the "cool" image of the google of this world is just very smart marketing. These people couldn't care less about you, they want to control you and google glasses are just another tool to do it.

So, there are some idiots who exasperate people by intruding and violating people's privacy, and therefore get mugged and their glasses destroyed. Well done ! I hope it will multiply.
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