News Google Pixel 6 benchmarks just leaked — how powerful will it be?


Oct 14, 2021
I have the original XL, which has been in use till Sept '20, when I took delivery of the heavily discounted Xperia 1. Alas, the 1 has a camera issue that is being addressed by the Sony boys in Indiana even as I speak. MEANTIME, I am using the XL, and now that the 6 is about to dawn, I confess I'm looking around too much. The jump from the XL to the Xperia 1 is huge in every category, but what will the 6 Pro bring? Maybe very subtle things like continuity - which is what the device feels like when bringing it out of the pocket in sight unseen, to launch the camera or bring up my security cameras. I just don't know. Will see what Tom's has to say on the 19th.