Google Pixel 7a launch — here's how it can be the budget phone of the year


Sep 22, 2017
I have to say, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with fanboyism camouflaging as blogging or unbiased information.

I used the Pixel 7 Pro for about 3 weeks and then returned it. It was a big no for me.

The reasons are quite obvious (in no particular order):
1. Wi-Fi calling issues (out of the box)
2. primitive and inferior UI from the manufacturer of the infamous Android OS
3. almost non-functional speakers which can barely be heard
4. terrible "camera bumps and location"
5. cracking of camera lens in lower temperatures
6. poor build quality
7. lack of/poor customer technical support
8. poor/lack of accessory options

The only thing I liked about the Pixel was the low light images, but nothing else. If I want a reliable [smart] phone, this is not it.

Personally, i think Google should get out of the mobile device market. Let the other major [Android] players like Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, and Motorola capture both the premium and frugal Android mobile device market.