Google Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max: Which flagship phone wins?

Nov 20, 2023
Great discussion. However, I think you made one big mistake. For those that follow Pixel phones, prices always fall significantly the next month on Black Friday weekend vs their release date. This seldom happens with new iPhones.

We're only one month away from this review. Quoting the article:
Everything got more expensive this year, and these two flagships are direct evidence. You'll pay more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max's starting cost of $1,199, which is technically a $100 premium over the previous model.

Despite its own price increase of $100, the Pixel 8 Pro's $999 starting cost continues to undercut the iPhone. The $200 difference between the two may not seem like a whole lot,

Well, the price for the pixel 8 pro is currently $799, not $999, a difference of $400(!) USD. I think it's very important to update this review for a fair comparison least since people might rely on it for their purchasing decisions (Toms's Guide has a great reputation!).

Taking into account your review: that the Pixel 8 beats the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera in at least a few categories, that the screen is very similar (just slightly underperforming the 15 Pro Max), and that the phone has far superior AI features, I think the Pixel 8 Pro would easily be the winner in the best value proposition since it's $400 USD less, and the conclusion should elaborate this, while also stating that the iPhone 15 Pro Max rather represents the best hardware that money can buy (CPU, design, etc).

I mean, is it actually a fair comparison with a $400 USD price difference? It could be argued that this price difference should slightly lower Apple's score in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, or that the Pixel 8 Pro should be compared to the non-Pro Max version.
Dec 22, 2023
As a longtime pro photographer, I'm most interested in the photo capabilities of each phone. If I was serious about VIDEO, the iPhone would win a hands down. But the fact that the wide angle and telephoto cameras on the Pixel 8 Pro are full size (48mp) files, not 12mb, gives the Pixel a big edge. But I don't see that mentioned in the review. I also have to reread it to see if it mentions being able to shoot RAW FILES, which friends using the iPhone 15 Pro Max are doing and it's excellent. If the Pixel 8 Pro doesn't handle raw file shooting, I'll choose the iPhone.