Jul 29, 2017

I am developing an AR application and would like to start off by asking a question here.

Is it possible for (X) AR device to pull a GPS location from another mobile phone (Y) and present a 3D model based on what (Y) have chosen to show?

Simply, a code that allows my (X) smartphone to visually see a 3D model that another user (Y) has set for their specific mobile location.

For example; my friend decides to set a "cat 3D model" on an app, the 3D model is fixed to 1 meter below smartphone location. When I look through the camera lens on my device, towards his location, I will be able to see the cat 3D model 1 meter below his or hers smartphone.
Anything is possible. If the phone for user "Y" allows their location to be accessed by a local app that then relays the data to user "X" or to a common server that "X" and "Y" are connected to.