Question Gpu screen flickering when gpu reaches 60°

Dec 6, 2020
So I have this XFX RX580 8gb gpu from last year but it does not work properly.. When I am playing any game the screen starts flickering as soon as the gpu reaches close to 60°
To me 60° seems really normal for a gpu.... I do not have this problem when I connect monitor to the intigrated gpu in motherboard
I have tested by changing the monitor,motherboard and power supply but nothing gives me a fix to this Problem

When I started using it,in first week it was working fine but then I messed up with settings on MSI afterburner and the problem appeared after that
I defaulted MSI settings,reinstalled OS,reinstalled drivers but nothing gives the fix
I now use it with full fanspeed to keep temps below 55° but still it gets hot in some games and the screen flicker

I would really appreciate if someone will help me with this problem..