Guest network for babysitters


Jan 21, 2018
I have a network set up in my home through my fios actiontec router ( fairly straight forward. I have a bunch of computers, tablets, ip cameras, printers etc that all work fine. Many of our computers share files. I would like to create a separate network to allow babysitters, friends etc to be able to access the internet, but not allow them access to all my other devices. Unfortunately the router does not have the guest network feature like the new gateway routers. I have an extra wifi router laying around. Can anyone layout the basic set up for this? I assume just plug it in and set it to and create a unique wifi network? I've googled this and found a ton of conflicting information on gateways and subnet masks and am totally confused.

In a PERFECT scenario those on the guest network would be able to access one of my network printers (which has a static ip). Is this possible if the guest router is plugged into the main router? Maybe with some fancy port forwarding? Not super important but would be nice.

If anyone has some very clear and easy to follow advice I'd be very appreciative!!
Leaving printer issue aside - your router most probably supports "Guest WiFi network", which is completely isolated from your own. You can (partially) solve printer issues with Google Print Services.

If you go with two routers, you have to reverse their roles - main router (with printer attached) becomes "Guest router", and your devices are behind second router.