Guys something happened to my PC?

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Apr 14, 2018
Yesterday my pc was working and suddenly
i saw a screen with a lot of colors for a
second it was a half screen half was my pc's desktop it lasted for about 5-6 secs
after that it's display was gone only it's lights were on and the fan noise was coming something hasn't happened yet
but can you please tell me what's the cause specs:
Amd a6 6310 2.4 ghz
8gb ram
2gb radeon graphics
I wasn't even playing a game
if this is a laptop were talking about and not a desktop. try the rear video port on the laptop. see if there any output. if there is with a flash light see if your backlight went bad. if there no output at all to the rear video port up the laptop powers on. take the battery and ac power off the laptop. if it out of warranty check to see if the ram and video card on the bottom of the laptop is still locked in.
Apr 14, 2018

It's still in warranty has 6 months left i'll try what you said!
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