Happy first birthday, Wordle! Here’s 5 ways you should improve


Jun 19, 2022
I would love to have some way of knowing whether the word I'm about to play is actually a potential solution.

The list of "official" solutions seems to be surprisingly random, and omits quite a few five-letter words that you would think would be perfectly valid options. As a result, I have occasionally wasted a move by entering what should be a plausible solution, only to be told later by Wordlebot that it wasn't on "The List".

I know that they have removed vulgar words, and also some provocative words like "SLAVE" and "LYNCH", but I have also discovered (the hard way) that some perfectly innocuous words are missing. TINGE, PRIMP and ROMAN are all words I have tried in recent weeks that are apparently not in Wordle's vocabulary. If I had known that in advance, I could have kept looking, rather than waste a move.

Even the removal of "vulgar" words seems to be a bit inconsistent. PUSSY is missing (which has a perfectly innocent meaning) but HUSSY is included (which only means one thing). And why have they removed PUSSY but kept SEMEN? I can't decide whether that's sexist...

Yes, I know it's "just a game" but this sort of thing irritates me, slightly.

Love your daily commentary, by the way!