HARD ONE. need help with viewing iphone backup files.


Jan 8, 2010
Hello everyone. i have lost my iphone. i have backed up everything onto my computer using iTunes. this has saved my contacts in a files called data.syncdb. how can i view this file?

none of my contacts were saved in any mail client or contacts folder on my computer. reason i say this is because i called apple and they had me search my computer for my files.

is there any way to view this file without an iPhone?

anyone know of i way to view this file?

if i get another iPhone can i sync that one to my computer, then remove the new files and replace with the old then re-sync? would this place the old back in the phone?



Jun 25, 2012
You can view the backup file itself going through the settings of iTunes itself and then backup there. It will only show the backup file but you wont be able to view the contents. The backup btw only saves your personal settings and not your personal information / media. That stuff is synced to your computer and saved there so whenever restoring, iTunes will use your backup to bring your info from the computer to your iPhone.

Make sure that the sync options are checked for syncing your content. You can right click your iPhone icon under devices in iTunes which will give you an option for restore from backup. If you have multiple backups, you can choose older ones and then resync.
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