harddrive keeps crashing


Mar 30, 2016
i have a dell inspiron one touchscreen all in one pc but my hard drives keep crashing first i had an 1 TB harddrive that crashed in one month, then i got a 250 gb ssd that crashed in 1 week, after that i got another 250 ssd even that crashed in 2 days the pc guy that we hired said that the first harddrive so the 1000 gb harddrive was getting old so it could have happend because of that but by the second harddrive so the 250 ssd he said the motherboard is short circuiting so he fixed it but the new 250 gb ssd also broke then i put an other 500 gb hdd in it of WD but my pc keeps on hanging the disk keeps going to 100% while write speed is 0 btw this will mostly happen when i change a video on YouTube or if I connect a usb or open task manager but I don't know for word or anything else because i haven't installed anything yet, this pc runs on windows 10

in this link below i have placed some photos


Jul 30, 2014
Welcome to the community, Kunal201320!

This seems pretty unfortunate. :( Have you tried contacting the All-in-one PC manufacturer's customer support for any specific recommandations on the troubleshooting? It's possible that issue is coming from the power supply unit, if so many drives have failed in the system.
As for the 100 % Disk Usage, I'd strongly recommend you to try disabling any anti-virus/malware software that you might have installed on your PC and see if the usage will improve. Another thing you should try is disabling a couple of Windows Services that could also be causing the spikes.
press Windows+R > Write services.msc >
1-Super fetch
2-Windows Search
3-Background Intelligent Transfer Service

If this doesn't help you should definitely run the QUICK and EXTENDED tests from WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostics for Windows. The utility will help us determine the health and SMART status of the WD Blue in your PC.

Hope this helps, though. Keep me posted.
SuperSoph_WD :)
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