Hardware Demands for Software Instruments


Aug 13, 2010
Ok, so I've been looking all over the internet and through these forums and I am trying to get answers. I produce a lot of electronic music using mostly software instruments and vst's. I want to use exclusively software / virtual instruments and am looking at Komplete 7.

I am going to be purchasing Presonus's Studio One because I love the workflow and the ability to just lay down a track quickly without features I don't know how to use or need.

I currently have a Dell XPS M1330 with a T7300 processor (core 2 duo, 2.0 Ghz), 2GB ram, 200 GB HD (Hitachi 7,200 RPM).

Now my questions are many:

1. Does a digital audio interface like Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 improve/ speed up preformance for software/ virtual instruments?

2. Will a solid state drive improve preformance/ speed within the program?

In the future I will be upgrading and buying/ building a complete desktop system. When I do what are the most important pieces of hardware relative to what I will be doing. For basic producing (not recording) within virtual and software instruments using midi tracks, what parts are most important?

Will I see any benefit to having more than 4 gigs of ram?

Will a faster HD or SSD improve preformance drastically?

Is the processor where the majority of the burden lies for using software instruments?

I know this a lot of information to put in one thread and some of these questions have probably been answered elsewhere, but I think there will be great value to the commnuity to condense it all here. I also believe that if you know the answer to one of these questions you probably will have answers to the rest. Thanks guys and I look forward to getting some good info.


Aug 10, 2008
Clock speed takes precedence over core count when it comes to audio processing (unless you are into batch processing of course which would mean running multiple instances of a software or processing multiple files in a single instance).. For a detailed spec recommendation, post your query in the 'Systems' section.. You'll need a quality interface to your PC via your instruments most importantly.. I guess m-audio will have a solution ready for you from one of their Delta product range.. Check them out at www.m-audio.com
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