Solved! Harmon Kardon No Audio Samsung Series 7

May 11, 2019
Hi new to the forum. Would like some help pls.

My Harmon Kardon system used to work perfectly fine on an old TV of mine and it still does if I test it out on it. However on my new TV a Samsung Series 7 smart TV the audio won't work anymore. Visual works fine, I have the TV connected to my AVR through the AVR's HDMI out. And then my playstation is connected to the AVR through HDMI. I've always done it this way and it's worked, in fact if I simply take the HDMI cable that's in my new TV and plug it in my old TV it works perfectly fine. So I suspect it's a setting on my TV. I've tried plugging the HDMI in both the ARC HDMI and the non ARC ones with no changes. I've changed the audio output on the TV to the non TV speaker option hasn't worked. I'm only getting visual and no audio. Interestingly enough if I unplug the HDMI from the TV that's connected to the avr out the I obviously lose visual but audio starts working.

Anyone have a solution to why this could be happening?

TV model: Samsung 65 inch 4k MU7000
AVR: Harman Kardon AVR 151 (a few years old now)
I can't think of any TV setting that would keep the AVR from producing audio from a source connected directly to it but I would check the TV manual and menu just in case.
The work around is to connect the playstation directly to the TV and use the HDMI-ARC connect to send audio from it and the TV tuner/apps to the receiver.
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