Haswell, SSD, 17" Touch screen


Aug 21, 2013
I want it all. OK, so budget is $1000. I'm a college student that's going to be doing some programming on the laptop. I'm a light gamer, but a graphics card isn't a necessity. My biggest needs are a Haswell processor for good battery life, and an SSD (small hybrid drive is fine) for those nice boot up times. I've found some pretty good laptops that are 15" and touch screen or 17" without, but I can't find any reasonably pries on a touch 17" laptop. A full HD screen would also be really nice.

This will be my only computer. I live in the USA, and plan to buy immediately. Most of the laptops I've looked at also have backlit keyboards and Bluetooth, which are nice features. Optical drive doesn't matter.

Here's are a couple 17" laptops I like, but no touch screen. Anyone know of anything similar (and not too much more expensive) with a touch screen? Brand doesn't matter, as long as it's a quality build. Your advice / opinions on other features I should or shouldn't look for are welcome. Thanks!