haveing trobul with toshhiba driver pages cant find my laptop


Nov 11, 2016
toshiba satellite a500 psat9u last year i did a fresh install of window on this comp and need to do a nother but firt need to get drivers i got the drivers from Toshiba driver pages and now it telling me that my computer don't exist or made out side the us or it a custom made and they don't have a email Addy any more what can i do hope some one can help me out ty for takeing your time to help ppl out chris


Oct 28, 2016
Hello there.

What is your windows? Win7 or Win10? Also, you did not give your complete model number. It should have more letters and numbers:
ex. A500-ST5608

But you should have most drivers available for your PC. If it's windows 7, all A500 have their drivers available.
Check here:
If the last numbers (A500-ST5608) are incorrect, enter the ones from yours in the box there.


Nov 11, 2016
it a toshiba satellite a500 psat9u-o25007 serial no 2a169263q with window 7 home prem with i7 4 core q 720 1.6 cpu and 8 gig of ddr3


Nov 11, 2016

ty havent sleep more then 2 hr a nite from bad pain cant beleve i didnt see i put a o in sted of a 0 ty u so much for the help
hope ever have a grate nite and ty u all for helping ppl out it really apresated
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