Having input trouble with a personal Java project


Jun 19, 2014
I'm currently in AP Computer Science at my high school and find it very interesting. I'm trying to write a program as a personal project, (not for a grade), that converts letters to a 5-bit Binary value using "l" and "o". How can I achieve functionality? I'm attempting to be able to type in the values and output the letter, and input the letter to output the values.
An example would be typing a and "ooool" outputs, typing b causes "ooolo" to output and so on.

import java.util.Scanner;

class BLT
	public static void main(String args[])
	   String a = "ooool";
	   String b = "ooolo";
	   String c = "oooll";
	   String d = "ooloo";
	   String e = "oolol";
	   String f = "oollo";
	   String g = "oolll";
	   String h = "olooo";
	   String i = "olool";
	   String j = "ololo";
	   String k = "ololl";
	   String l = "olloo";
	   String m = "ollol";
	   String n = "olllo";
	   String o = "ollll";
	   String p = "loooo";
	   String q = "loool";
	   String r = "loolo";
	   String s = "looll";
	   String t = "loloo";
	   String u = "lolol";
	   String v = "lollo";
	   String w = "lolll";
	   String x = "llooo";
	   String y = "llool";
	   String z = "llolo";
//- - - - - - -^^^^^- Letters to Values -^^^^^- - - - - - - - - -vvvvv- values to letters -vvvvv- - - - -
		String ooool = "a";
		String ooolo = "b";
		String oooll = "c";
		String ooloo = "d";
		String oolol = "e";
		String oollo = "f";
		String oolll = "g";
		String olooo = "h";
		String olool = "i";
		String ololo = "j";
		String ololl = "k";
		String olloo = "l";
		String ollol = "m";
		String olllo = "n";
		String ollll = "o";
		String loooo = "p";
		String loool = "q";
		String loolo = "r";
		String looll = "s";
		String loloo = "t";
		String lolol = "u";
		String lollo = "v";
		String lolll = "w";
		String llooo = "x";
		String llool = "y";
		String llolo = "z";
		System.out.println("*                                         *");
		System.out.println("*                   5BBLT                 *");
		System.out.println("*   -5 Bit Binary Language Converter-     *");
		System.out.println("*                                         *");
		System.out.println("*             By mmmmmmm mmmmmm           *");
		System.out.println("*                                         *");
		System.out.println("*                                         *");
Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);
System.out.println("Enter your message.");

		 = in.nextLine();
      System.out.println(""+ );

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