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  1. J

    Java for chromebook

    I have an acer chromebook 15 and I really need java for a website for one of my classes. How would I get it? Thanks
  2. S

    Is this processor good for programming on a laptop?

    The Processor is Intel Core i3-5005U 4th Gen 2.0Ghz. i'd mainly be using C# and java
  3. P

    How to fix missing java .io file

    Cant download it
  4. E

    Java isn't running (reply ASAP)

    I tried to download java (the latest version) and when i was running the .exe file it doesn't do anything. It doesn't appear any message. I have the latest version of windows 10. I tried to download and the offline file (both 32 and 64 bit) it does the same thing. I tried with google chrome...
  5. A

    How to use a Java library?

    So I got into Java and I know all the stuff about classes, interfaces, methods, abstract methods, modifiers, control statements, variables, etc. I got IntelliJ and started a new project to test out and explore LWJGL and how to use it. I downloaded the library, and copied and pasted the sample...
  6. A

    Java string declarations

    Just out of curiosity, why can we declare Strings in Java like: String str = "Cake"; If String is a class, and to make an object with all other classes we need to write something like: Object muffin = new Object();
  7. A

    What can you do with Java I/O library?

    So I'm reading a book on Java, and I'm stuck on the Chapter about IO. So I understand that Java was two streams; the character and byte stream, but I don't understand when to use character stream and when to use byte streams. Also, what if I wanted to make a Java program what can process...
  8. C

    Budget laptop for learning to code.

    I'm looking for a laptop for around $300. Will only be using it for school. If it matters, I'll be learning Python, C#, Java, and MySQL.
  9. kappisto

    Java unistalling issue

    So i was cleaning some old folders and uninstaled some crappy addon from Wow, which i didnt noticed that it somehow also uninstaled java(which i dont need for anything right now, i needed it only for that addon) but now on every boot this show up. translation for the box with red cross...
  10. A

    What do programmers learn during the career?

    I'm trying to learn computer programming so I can get a job in the industry when I'm older. I was looking at Java's version history, and so many thing have changed over the years. Do programmers have to relearn stuff everytime a new version comes out? Could you have to relearn a language...
  11. O

    Denon S730H - cannot produce sound from karaoke system

    1. I cannot get my receiver Denon S730H produce sound from my Karaoke-Pioneer dvl v888 and using the Microphone plugged in Karaoke (Front input for microphone). It only produce the music but no voice. Do I need a mixer? or amplifier? 2. And what happens if I want my laptop to be the karaoke...
  12. A

    How does a Python function work to control other hardware?

    I'm sorry if I'm misusing the word package. I have little experience in Python, and am still learning. So in my computer science class, we are using these robots called Finch to learn the very basics of robotics. So using the Finch package, we can make the robot do things with simple function...
  13. A

    How much of a language do professional programmers/ software devs use?

    How much do programmers remember and use of their primary language? Basically what I'm trying to ask is, is it expected for a professional to know everything about a language or development tool? Or do pros also use references and the internet to look stuff up?
  14. D

    Is this bad? java.trojan.genericGB.20218

    is this bad?
  15. 3

    andriod os error 404

    hipstreet hs-9dtb4-8gb it popsup when going on line; 404 check "URL" check if spelled correctly! no java script! do not know what java script or URL is! went in systems to backup,goes a few steps then will not continue,touched both external buttons ; stopped at last option ,it will not...
  16. thegamersite1

    Could Not Create Java Virtual Machine

    Java won't install at all. I deleted everything that has to do with Java from control panel, uninstall program. I have tried to install old version, reboot the PC, ect. Nothing is working and it keeps saying the same thing whenever I am trying to install it. I have 16GM of RAM and I already...
  17. A

    What is Java SE?

    So if JRE is for running Java applications, and JDK is for developing Java applications, what is Java SE used for? Why do we need Java SE?
  18. G

    Cheap laptop for $200

    Hey I'm Looking for a laptop for about $200 dollars that can play minecraft java and record the screen but play on severs that's all I ask for please
  19. A

    How to use Java in Code Blocks

    How do I use java in code blocks/ how do it get it to highlight the code like it does automatically in c++. Is there some kind of plugin/ thing I have to change to make it highlight java syntax instead?
  20. A

    What is a runtime?

    What is a run time? What is a run time environment? What uses a run time/ run time environment? Why are run times/run time environments important/ necessary? What is JDK/JRE? Why does java have a run time environment while other languages don't? Thanks
  21. L

    How do i get java on my acer chromebook 15

    I want to play pogo
  22. R

    Looking for a laptop for college

    Hello I am currently at college doing a programming course and I m looking for a laptop. 1. What is your budget? up to €1000 but would prefer something in the €500-700 range. 2. How much battery life do you need? I would like the battery to last couple of hours so I can safely use...
  23. M

    Solved! Need help with my Java programming assignment

    Hi! I just started my programming class and we have been given an assignment to complete by the 18th of september. Ive been told the assignment is really easy but even so im struggeling quite a bit... the task is as follows (we use javaBluej) im really stuck at the whole boolean thing with...
  24. P

    how to change my tablet software from java to android

    i must change my tablet software from java to android. how to do it
  25. N

    no accesss to a jat file

    old computer java is fine no issues opening and reading cd'S Now on my alienware I get an error message not able to access jarfile
  26. M

    Laptop for software programmer/developer + mild gaming

    1. What is your budget? ~1600 EUR 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6'' 3. What screen resolution do you want? Best suited for reading text. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop replacement laptop 5. How much battery life do you...
  27. V

    EXP sound board launch4j nonexistant JRE

    I have jdk 1.8.0_111 installed on my pc.It obviously works as other applications work that use java. For example minecraft, however when I launch my soundboard that I use for streaming I get an error. I have been messing around in the enviroment variable for days now trying to get the path...
  28. P

    Error Batch file

    Error: could not find or load main class AssignFileName never had any issue until today - any clue ? echo on d: cd\driscoll\uar40app\uardata\rt901009003\gl extract java AssignFileName "psgl_extract.txt"
  29. M

    Java Safe Or Not?

    I got wondering. Is java a virus and it came up with a lot of questions asking if java is safe or a virus. I picked some questions and i got a mix of yes its a security problem and small amount of no. So my question is. Is downloading java a virus or security problem? I need java to run a...
  30. anustarique

    Jquery Queation Want Help

    1.which attribute is required to define the path of library of JQuery? 2.Write the correct type of JQuery from the following List? C Library C++ Library Java Library Javascript Library Please i Need Answer
  31. I

    Solved! Potential java.exe malware

    Hello everyone! I am on Windows 10 and have been noticing some weird programs running in my task manager that have been killing my CPU and it's starting to worry me. The program is called Zeallsoft Super Webcam Recorder Setup but I have never downloaded this. It sounds super fishy, I know. -...
  32. D

    How can I activition ok Button in this code?

    import*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.applet.*; import javax.swing.*; public class Create extends JFrame implements ActionListener { String msg=""; JButton btnOk,btnExit; JLabel lblName,lblId,lblMid,lblFinal,lbltotal,lblGrade; JTextField...
  33. J

    I think i need to create a menu and a while loop must be included.

    I need help with this question, i've been at it for hours now. The goal of this project is to create a class that will calculate the student grade for CSC 171. The users of the application will provide the program with their current points received and current total points possible for each of...
  34. H

    where to get 64bit Java?

    hey guys so ive wanted to play around with a minecraft modpack and i have never installed it on this pc (havent played it since i built this machine). i was having crashing issues so i checked the Technic launcher options and found out that its only using 1gb of my ram because apparently i have...
  35. E

    Java-utilizing programs malfunctioning

    Ok so I've had this problem for as long as I've had this computer. Almost all programs which utilize java in some way seem to be malfunctioning, e.g Geogebra, Maple, MarvinSketch etc. The problem is hard to describe but it's some kind of image distortion that changes when the cursor is moved...
  36. S

    How to take user input of one form and assign it to a variable in another form in java?

    i have a textfield to get user input in my form 1.i want to get the text user inputs into that textfield from that form and assign it to a variable in form2. is this possible?
  37. S

    How to compare user input in a jTextfield with data in the database? (im using java & php)

    This is an assignment and so far this is what i have done: on this button click i want to compare user input on the textfield with the data in my database.this is my code but nothing is happening when i run it and i cant find any mistakes in this. i have been trying to figure it out for hours...
  38. S

    How to center align all elements inside a jframe to center in java?

    Im making a ATM enter PIN screen using java.i have written the code to make it appear full screen when i run it but all the other elements such as the jtextfield,labels and buttons are still at the top left corner of the screen.How can i get them all to the center of my screen? .
  39. S

    Java code to separately enter numbers using the same set of jbuttons?

    i have two textfields to enter pin and account number. i will be entering these numbers using the pin pad i have made using jbuttons. but im only able to enter to one there some code to distinguish between the 2 on mouse click on to the relevant textfield input number...
  40. F

    Code in Java on Visual Studio Pro 2017?

    Recently I attained a free copy of Visual Studio Pro 2017 from my school, and was wondering if there was any way to use it as an IDE for Java. I usually use JCreator, but it's an old program that is just getting bland to me.
  41. M

    Java recursive help!

    I am currently trying print a doubly linked list in reverse order recursively, but can't seem to make it work. I have even emailed my prof and followed his directions and still nothing works.. can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? import java.awt.List; public class DoubleLinkedList<T> {...
  42. R

    how to install Java JRE

    Hi, I have uninstalled Java and need to reinstall the latest version. When I go to the official site to download I am prompted to agree to use a particular browser and will not go further unless I agree. the latest update is JRE8 111. Is there another way to get JRE? thanks
  43. UnforgivenGamer

    Need Java Programming Help

    Hey guys. I usually use this website for computer hardware research, however I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with a problem I'm having. I'm in a computer science class in college and I can't figure out how to write this program in Java. I've tried many things, however nothing...
  44. L

    How do I get Java onsamsung galaxy tab

    Am trying to use wordle on samsung galaxy tab but says java required but not compatible. Any ideas?
  45. F

    Having input trouble with a personal Java project

    I'm currently in AP Computer Science at my high school and find it very interesting. I'm trying to write a program as a personal project, (not for a grade), that converts letters to a 5-bit Binary value using "l" and "o". How can I achieve functionality? I'm attempting to be able to type in the...
  46. N

    issue opening file

    Hi guys! My friend has minecraft and he wants to download a mod (optifine) and in order to download it, he needs java. I sent him the java launcher through skype (he couldn't download it) and when he ran it, it wouldn't open. He opened up the task manager and we saw nothing java related...
  47. M

    Programming Language Artificial Intelligence

    What are the advantages and the drawbacks of using java for artificial intelligence?
  48. A

    Java Programming advice

    I've been trying to learn Java on my own but have been having trouble. I've been using Murach's Java SE 6 book (recommended by my professor a little while ago) and got stuck at getting different files of code to talk to each other. Specifically I want to learn Java to make android apps. I know...
  49. C

    Which Programming Language Should I Learn First As A Beginner

    First of all I don't know is this the right section to talk so if its wrong please excuse me.:hum: So the question is,I'd like to be a Web Developer & I like the game development as well.Lets say its just a side quest.So as a beginner which programming language should I learn first?■ Python...
  50. B

    Java ERROR!!! HELP ME

    Hi guys, I cant install java for no reason, when installing finishes, this pops up and it wont install.
  51. C

    Java error message re: internet settings when trying to install Java

    Hi I am trying to download java because apparently it is not already on my computer. I have Windows 7 and the latest version of Firefox. I keep getting an error message which states "The installer cannot proceed with the current internet connection settings." It references a help area...
  52. H

    Constant popup, possible spyware etc?

    Hey, So I got this popup earlier today about a java script download that I am not sure why or what it is. I am not going to install it or whatnot. If any of you know what it could be or how to get rid of the issue it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a screenshot
  53. M

    Asus t100 notebook

    Asus t100 notebook is it compatible with java 8? Im not familiar in any computer.. firstime to have this. Thanks
  54. A

    Need java download

    I've been trying to get on a website for work purposes. Unfortunately its saying i need the latest Java download to be able to access it.JAVA PLUG IN. it also tells me to contact my system administrator. What do i do? I've tried to download the latest Java but that doesn't seem to be working. Thanks
  55. I

    Unable to Install Java, iTunes, Crimson...

    Unusual problem started popping up lately. I've been unable to install new versions of iTunes, Java, and AMD's Crimson software. I tried using Disk Cleanup in case it was a memory issue, but I have plenty of space. When I try to manually uninstall Java I get a message "Check to make sure enough...
  56. S

    Javaws.exe *32 Virus

    Recently today I was prompted to update my Java to the latest version, and in the process managed to receive the Javaws.exe *32 virus. I have looked up how to get rid of this however my scenario appears to be different. A common solution is to 'End all processes to do with javaws' however I...
  57. L

    Where to learn Java for android game development

    Hello i'm 16 years old, and i want to start developing 2D games for android, but i don't know where should i start learning Java. Can somebody suggest me where should i learn Java. Luke
  58. A

    what is wrong with my java program

    //Anthony Bahlman program 4 import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class kanokla { public static void main(String[] args) { String input, name,serv; char type; int accnum, daym, nightm, count, min; input= ""; for (count = 1; count<=...
  59. S

    Java Update Or What

    I have been using my tablet just fine. I am a certified trainer and I watch videos on my tablet with my trainees. As of today, I am unable to access those videos. I called IT and they said I need to update Java, but my tablet isn't compatible with Java. What can I do???
  60. C

    error when trying to run a java application

    I've downloaded an application that uses java to run and it seems to work on everyone elses computer. When i launch the .exe file it takes ages and i have a constant loading ring flicker. then a window pops up saying: "An error occurred while starting the application. The filename or extension...