Having problems setting up my 5.1 speakersystem.


Jan 29, 2015

Last monday I decided to get a new computer, since then I'm having problems with my 5.1 speakersystem. The old pc had a Sound blaster audigy card and the sound was working great with my Creative Inspire t6200 speakers. But since last monday I can't seem to get it working properly. It is an onboard soundcard a Sound Blaster Recon 3di on a Gigabyte G1.Sniper z97 motherboard.

The main problem I'm having is that the sound from the speakers in the rear barely make a sound. It's really soft and gives really weird voices in for example Skyrim. Also some songs are really weird to hear. The cables from the speakers to the subwoofer are installed correctly. I guess (not totally sure) that the cables from the subwoofer to the pc are also setup right.
First thing I did try was to plug the cable from the rear speakers into the plugin from the front speakers to try of the would work then. Yes, they did. According to Windows 8.1 and also the Soundblaster program they boxes are setup as 5.1.

Does anyone have a clue what it could be or how that I can fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerly,



May 27, 2009
Grab the latest drivers and software from here: http://support.creative.com/scripts/getprod.aspx?id=20835 Get both the firmware update and the wave studio application.

My board has Sound blaster Cinema on it with Audio boost and it would not work properly until I installed the Sound Blaster Cinema application itself. Hopefully this helps you out. :)

PS: If I want to listen to music I have to setup for music playback and make adjustments in the software. Same for music and movies, so you probably have to manually configure each thing as you use it. I hate how the speaker layout always defaults back to 2.1 speakers after changing from one to the other, so I decided to just use one setting for all. I turned the voice boost off, and the I set the normal volume level and changed it to 100%, and then I also set to use 5.1 all the time. Now I just leave it where it is for everything.
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