Question Having trouble disabling internal keyboard to use external keyboard instead

Jun 28, 2019
On an Acer E5-774G-78YX laptop with Windows 10. Going to the keyboards under Device Manager only gives me the option to uninstall the keyboard rather than disable. Uninstalling requires a reboot of the laptop before it actually takes effect, and booting the laptop back up automatically reinstalls the keyboard. Thus, it creates a loop where the laptop is never actually disabled. Is there a way to bypass the reinstall so that the internal keyboard remains disabled, or is there another way to disable it?
You should not need to disable it if you are attaching an external keyboard. The laptops keyboard should turn off on its own when the external is attached.

Unless you are trying to turn it off without using an external keyboard.
Jun 28, 2019
It's admittedly largely for the purposes of comfort; I want to be able to rest the external keyboard atop the internal one so using it still feels natural, and because I have a tendency to use the laptop while lying down, especially for writing or watching videos.

As it stands, the internal keyboard has a number of keys that have either completely failed, or barely work, rendering it nearly unusable. However, when arranged as I described above, the external has a tendency to press down on keys from the internal keyboard. This can obviously get very problematic when trying to type, particularly when the delete, backspace or control keys end up pressed by the external.
I see. The problem becomes that some laptops will not work properly or at all if the keyboard is disabled. Assuming it is not a new device (not under warranty) you can try disconnecting the cable that connects the keyboard (internally).

Another option would be to get something to allow you to work the way you are but without allowing the external keyboard to touch the laptop. However I can't think of anything premade.
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