HDD Drive Detection on Toshiba TV

Jun 28, 2018
So I have recently got my hands on a 2.5" HDD Drive (250 GB) for free, so for £8 I managed to get a docking station. I hooked this up to my TV which is a Toshiba 32L3753DB - initially I was having loads of trouble trying to get my TV to detect the HDD Drive. Then through some research realised that the format had to be FAT32, which I sorted - but was still struggling to get the TV to detect it. Then I decided to try a different cable to see if this was the issue - it turns out that it was, I managed to use the one that came with the docking station and the TV suddenly detected it and I have now recorded programs on it (yay!). However, the cable that came with the docking station is frustratingly short, so I bought another, longer cable, but even this new cable is somehow making the HDD Drive undetectable by the TV (grrr!) which I'm surprised by it as it's a brand new cable. The cable that it uses is a USB 2.0 Mini-B connector (so one "mini" connector and one "standard" on the other end of the cable) which is what I have bought but don't understand why this isn't compatible with my TV. Any suggestions/solutions/experiences of this would be much appreciated indeed!! For info, the docking station is not powered, it uses the USB to power itself up - the name of it is "USB to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5in SATA HDD" from StarTech.com.


Jan 21, 2016
That is a bit strange - you would think if the new, longer cable has the same specs it should work hey.

Anyways ... have you tried the Startech Live Support channel found here:


Hit the "PLEASE SELECT" drop down menu -> Select "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" -> fill in all required fields (everything except Case Number)

Better off getting an answer straight from the horses mouth IMO