HDMI port seems to have stopped working on laptop


Oct 9, 2016
Hello guys,

My laptop stopped transmitting through its HDMI port, I have two different screens with two different HDMI cables that I use and neither has been working and they do work well with other computers. The HDMI port of my laptop seems to just suddenly have stopped working.

I have been looking at a lot of possible solutions already in another thread here at the forum but unfortunately none has been a succesful one for me.

My laptop is a Macbook pro 15" and I have a windows partition (is that how you say it?) which I am using and where I am having my problem. As I am writing this I realize I havnt tried connecting the monitor when booted into OSX. I will try that and update asap.

By chance I just connected something to the USB port located next to the HDMI port on my computer (located top right on the computer) and found that the USB port there isnt working either.

Any thoughts?

Update: I wasnt able to connect the external monitor when in OSX either