HDMI sound not working

Zau Bolog

Jul 8, 2017
Hello. I have a toshiba p50 c 18k laptop and a LG ht902pb-d0 5.1 dvd surround system.

All I want to do is to connect my laptop to this system to play music from youtube via hdmi cable.

On my playback devices I have as a default the Speakers (Conexant SmartAudio HD) and there is nothing else

The disconnected and disabled devices are both checked...

I tried everything to make my hdmi audio to appear on my playback list but cant fix it..

Any help ?

The manual for the HTS doesn't show any HDMI inputs. You have no way to connect the laptop to the HTS with HDMI. It wouldn't show as an audio device unless it was already active as a video device. The laptop does have a aux input on the back and another audio input on the front.
You can connect the audio output of the laptop to either one with a cable.
If you are already using a long HDMI cable to connect to the TV near the HTS and you wanted to avoid adding a long audio cable you would need an HDMI audio extractor that would provide the same output your already have on the laptop but at the TV end of the HDMI cable.