HDTV Audio to Old HK Receiver


Jan 23, 2015
Hi All,

I've seen a few similar threads, but nothing that exactly addresses my problem.

I have:

55" Samsung LED 3D Smart TV
HDTV Cable Box
HK 3380 AV Receiver

I connected my HDTV to my receiver using audio patch cables (red/white), as my ageing HK does not have HDMI inputs outputs. I'm receiving no sound.

At first I though my TV might not be able to spit the audio from my HDMI, but I also don't get audio when streaming content directly from the smart TV (i.e - Netflix). My speakers are set to external on my TV, and I've tested all of the inputs on my receiver with other components and it appears the receiver is working correctly.

The only thing I could think of is the audio out on my TV is not working. The TV's still under warranty, but before I drag it into the store I thought I'd bounce it off the community. Thanks!