headphone jack is screwing up my android experience


Jan 23, 2009
I got my HTC EVO V(EVO 3D) about a year ago and have been very happy with it. it has ICS(4.0.3). around a week ago, it started acting up. whenever Im using it to hear music or audiobooks, it would make a phone call and hang up immediately, play android music player on a random song and go crazy, open one of the audiobook players, or all of these problems all at random.

just today I finally noticed the headphone jack is behind the problem. it is a scratchy headphone jack. when I rotate the headphones in the jack and it makes a scratchy sound, the phone goes nuts. a few rotations of the headphones would remove the scratchiness and the problems would stop for like an hour, then the scratchiness is back and screws with the phone.

today, the problem occurs even without any apps open. it even happens in sleep mode somehow. I deleted some of the apps that were involved in the roblem and disabled the stock android player, but the problem just spread to my other music app and audiobook player.

anyone have any idea of a fix for this?