Headphones and Speakers not recognized seperately

May 6, 2018
So my setup,
I have speakers plugged in the back of my PC with the green audio plug, and it works how it should.
I also have headphones and have them plugged into the front ports of the PC, and they work
when I plug them both in, the headphones takes over/overrides the speaker audio and does not show up in the other playback devices. I assume my speakers and headphones are recognized as the same thing but how would I have a speaker and headphone device recognized separately?

Sorry if there's a thread on this already but I have checked and people do not get a good answer or have slightly different scenarios.

Background info, I just got a new PC and kept my old hard drives, I have tried uninstalling my old mobo drivers and downloaded all the drivers for my new motherboard and the realtek drivers as well.
My old PC I was able to have the speakers and headphones plugged in, recognized separately as headphones/speakers and could change the audio output within the sound options.
Thanks for all who reply.
May 6, 2018

My control panel is a bit different, I don't have the option for playback devices, "mute the rear output device, when a front headphone plugged in", would probably fix my problem. Maybe not have them recognized separately but at least not overriding the speaker audio. I tried posting a picture of my control panel, idk if it showed.


Dec 27, 2012
- I would suggest exploring more the app menus and sub menus looking for more options if available.
- Some users reporting it worked for them after disabling detection of plugged in connectors.
- Some others got it to work by using native windows drivers instead of Realtek
- Some other solution involves using Virtual Audio Cable= VAC, a little complicated but good work around
May 6, 2018

well now they both play at the same time... It is better than just one getting sound at a time. I just mute the speakers and use my headphones, or take off the headphones to use the speakers.

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