Question Headphones make intermittent static noises while connected to laptop

Jun 4, 2019
For example, when my headphones are plugged in and I mute a youtube video or any other media (without pausing it) the static appears. When I press the mute pc button on my keyboard (or mute the general sound) this static disappears and appears again when i unmute it. If I am not playing anything for a while the static eventually stops by itself but when I start any media and then exit (or mute only the video/music while playing) the static is back for a while. Sometimes the static comesback randomly without any media too. I am using the sennheiser HD 569 headphones but this issue also persisted on my ath m50s and it does not occur when I use them on my phone. Can someone help?
NOTE: It is quiet normal for heaphones plugged into a computer, or other device, when not playing any kind of sounds, to have a static like sound on them.

Here are some things to try.

1. Make sure that the wires for your headphones do not come into contact with other wires going in and out of the computer. Anything it touches that can have any kind of electrical current can cause noise in the headphones.

2. Try a different headphone jack, if you have more than one.

3. Try a different set of headphones and see if they have the same sound problem.

4. Plug the headphones into a different device and see if you get the same sound issues. If so, it may be within the speakers themselves.issue.

5. Connect the headphones through a USB connection (this will require an adapter for standard plug headphones) and see if the problem goes away. If so, it may be the headphone jack on the laptop that is the problem.

6. Upgrade your headphones. All recorded audio has a degree of noise or static; how obvious it is to the listener depends on the quality of the media it’s recorded on, the playback technology and the listening device. Replacing your headphones with a noise-reducing or noise-canceling set could clear up the problem.

7. Worst case, if the problem happens with multiple headphones, you may need to replace the sound card.
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