Solved! My laptop causes static electricity to other external hardware connected to it.

Mar 7, 2023
Just to provide some context. My metalic build keyboard (hyper x alloys origin core tkl) gives off strong static electricity and shocks me when touching the corners. Secondly, my FiiO k5 pro (an Dac/Amp combo) with also a metal build. When I touch it, the same thing happens, when I unplug the usb connected to my laptop the static reduces quite a bit. I think this issue has something to do with power providing to all my external connected I have an HDMI running, 2x usb ports all fully connected to one used with a 3x usb hub that is also always full. The laptop is always plugged in to the wall.

I think this is a grounding issue with what I have read
" Without grounding, electricity may build up inside of wires or connected devices to dangerously high levels."

How do I fix this?
sorry im not very tech savy
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